Never Be Confined By Convention 

Manner of Delivery

Our intent is to nurture comfort, confidence, and competency in as a relaxing manner as possible.  
We support a life centered approach to collaborate with individuals to assist in facilitating life accessibility and satisfaction. 
The loved one (client), family, friends, and professionals work together to focus on needs and wants to develop a life plan.

Developmental Therapy

Addressing development across the domains of coginitve, communication, fine & gross motor, adaptive, and social-emotional skills.
We do this through family-child classes, in-home, in community & remote intervention sessions, coaching, sharing ideas and consultation model,
Educational opportunities embedded into everyday life activities.


Escort to phyicians' to help understand health care information.
Evaluation and coaching/mentorship regarding health and safety.
Custom mentorship goals accommodated. 


Manual Manipulation of soft tissues to help increase ability to participate in daily activities and/or comfort.   
The massage therapy sessions that you provide are extremely important and helpful because they not only sooth the body, mind and soul but they also provide someone that people with disabilities can talk to! - Aaron Rendoff 


Not a maid, a partner in house management.

Everyone needs and deserves a tidy, clean, safe home, and welcoming home.
For some, homemaker services is simply tidying up. For others, it includes a deeper cleaning.
Advanced homemaker services can even include an instructional component where the client gets to learn some skills for homemaking.


Family care-givers; where we support family is being paid to provide structured care for their loved one and future planning.
Residential support in loved one's home (client), where you live in your own house or apartment and we come to you and you have a 24/7 emergency assistance on call.
Host Homes (independent contractors), where loved one (client) lives with a housemate who is a contracted provided and provides daily support.

Customozied Education

A family may request education on any topic related to the client's needs and goals and receive a response on if that education can be provided through Angels Service LLC or if a referral elsewhere needs to take place.  
A few topics that have been offered are Sibling Impact, Massage for your loved one, System Navigation, Advocacy, Developmental Tutoring- What you can do!, Safe Home Access and Recreation Setup, How to Train Providers, Water and What to Know, Self-Care, Self-Care Review, Extending Family Involvement & Coaching, Community- Here We Come! and Must Knows for When You're No Longer Here. 
Often the knowledge we seek isn't in a book. It is in the mind of a neighbor who knows the path we are on. 

Personal Care

Cooking, money management, shopping, basic health assist such as excercising and routine check up's at the doctor.
Dressing, toileting, bathing, self-care.
Foundational skills support for reaching goals supported.

Water Safety

For those who seek water safety assistance, Angels Service LLC will offer a comprehensive program looking at each client's personal profile of needs and goals regarding water.
  • Appropriate communication regarding when to get in water 

  • General water awareness 

  • The difference between hot and cold and how to check 

  • Overcoming water-related fears 

  • Basic personal safety while around water 

  • Developmentally appropriate water skills for recreation 

  • Beginning physical and cognitive skill acquisition to ensure water safety 

Though basic swim skills are included in water safety these are not swimming lessons.

Respite With A Purpose

Respite is a time for caregivers to rejuvenate themselves while they can rest assured that their loved one is receiving quality care from a professional that is going to work to follow an agreed upon plan.
Respite is a time for the receiver to be able to enjoy a change of pace through simple life routine-embedded activities that offer mental, sensory, and physical stimulation.
Hands-on respite includes help with feeding, hygiene, toileting, light transfers, and other hands-on assistance with personal care.

Community Education 

Always with a goal and purpose educational opportunities will be embedded into each activity. Under 18 years of age (1:1), Adult is 1:1 or group.
Be involved, be connected. This is different for person. It can be somewhat close to home, in the neighborhood for some, while others might want to explore the big city. For some, community connection is short and sweet. For others … it might be an all-day adventure. 
Volunteering at the SAME cafe or at local farms. Joining physical or mental fitness classes. Taking part in local gaming groups, strolling the gardens, hiking, museums, movie and interest clubs. 

Adapt & Overcome