Your Founder

In 2004 Serena became the mother of Angel and life took a new turn. She learned in 2006 that Angel's needs were going to be more complex that initial suspected and that is when she and her two young children started the journey that would lead to founding Angels Service. It started as an agency so that she may work and raise her children as a private practice therapist and made the choice to expand to serve the community as a whole after meeting several like minded people both on the client and provider side. 

Your Helpers

Dara Hargrove

Dara care for all our books and payroll. She collects and coordinates medical records and appointments. She is a massage therapist. 

Jessica Young

Jessica provides our Spanish translation, trains providers for residential, homemaking, and community social work while providing all these services personally.

Renee Worthington

Renee is our compliance officer. She makes sure all the claims have the correct information so that the state is able to pay. She takes care of all the payroll reports and helps employees with the app and submitting data. 

Kirstin Pamboris

Kirstin is a client care administrator! Residential and HCAb manager. She takes care of all our credentials and trainings both initial an annual.